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Hear SLAVVE’s Tumbling Punk Epic, “Pity Party”

Listen to the turbulent “Pity Party,” the first single off Brooklyn-via-Florida duo SLAVVE’s self-titled EP.

May 05, 2014


SLAVVE is the Brooklyn-based duo of singer/guitarist Chuka Chukuma and drummer Marcos Marchesani, formerly of the bands Surfer Blood and Weird Wives. They're childhood friends from West Palm Beach, Florida, and on "Pity Party," a track from their forthcoming debut EP, they manage to sound like they're on the same wavelength no matter what happens, even when the song's hollered punk simplicity gives way to off-grid, structure-annihilating blast beats. SLAVVE is out June 24th via new label Bloodmoss Records, also home to Future Death.

Stream: SLAVVE, "Pity Party"

Hear SLAVVE’s Tumbling Punk Epic, “Pity Party”