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Hear the Curious Sounds of St. Paul On Psymun’s Pink Label EP

Psymun releases his Pink Label EP, with new material from Spooky Black, Allan Kingdom and Bobby Raps.

May 06, 2014

There's something in the water in Minnesota. Or maybe it's the air, bitingly frigid for most of the year, that's prompting all these kids to stay holed up in bedrooms churning out some of the weirdest rap/R&B/something we've heard in a while. Psymun's Pink Label is the latest release to bubble up from St. Paul's woods: the 21-year-old producer recruits local friends and THESTANDARD-collaborators Spooky Black, Allan Kingdom, Bobby Raps and more to tackle his fuzzy, colorful soundbeds with an inventiveness synonymous with youth. Run my fingers through your hair/ all the while you're unaware, Spook coos on "Blind," before Bobby threatens to take like twenty-nine tylenols/ try to drive a car/ off a bridge--both a testament to just how sweet and psychotic a high school crush can be. Stream the single below, and cop Psymun's Pink Label EP here on cassette and CD.

Stream Psymun f. Spooky Black & Bobby Raps, "Blind"

Hear the Curious Sounds of St. Paul On Psymun’s Pink Label EP