Matrixxman Announces Spectral Sound Debut, Shares “Venetian Mask”

Stream “Venetian Mask,” the lead single from Matrixxman’s Spectral Sound debut, Amulet.

May 07, 2014


On June 6th, San Francisco DJ/producer Matrixxman will release a four-track EP, Amulet, on Spectral Sound. Oddly referring to himself in the third person, the artist describes the album as "a brief glimpse into Matrixxman's psyche, a Jungian-like approach expounding upon and unifying seemingly disparate archetypes of deep house and techno. These days his focus has been on the latter with an increasing amount of time spent on honing his techno explorations, often working in tandem with labelmate Vin Sol. After all, nature abhors a vacuum and so does Matrixxman." Lead single "Venetian Mask," which we're debuting below, skews toward the house side of the spectrum, cutting through the grid with some pretty sexy-sounding, bending synth solos.

Stream: Matrixxman,"Venetian Mask"

Matrixxman Announces Spectral Sound Debut, Shares “Venetian Mask”