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Hear Great Skin’s Kuwaiti Vocal-Flipping “Gulf Dreams”

Brooklyn producer Great Skin flips a Kuwaiti vocalist on new track, “Gulf Dreams. “

May 12, 2014


Last summer, Physical Therapy tipped us off to Steven Phillips-Horst, a classically trained pianist and Brooklyn-based producer who records under the name Great Skin. Since we last caught up, he says he's been making beats for the recently GEN F-profiled Dan Bodan. He also sent over the super-stunning "Gulf Dreams," which flips a melismatic vocal of Kuwaiti origin (artist unknown) that he found on Fatima al Qadiri's excellent GCC Transmission mix for Dazed Digital. Damn.

Stream: Great Skin, "Gulf Dreams"

Hear Great Skin’s Kuwaiti Vocal-Flipping “Gulf Dreams”