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Stream: Pharrell, “Happy” (Kaytranada Edition)

The white-hot beatsmith arrives with a new remix.

May 12, 2014

Pharrell’s "Happy" comes to us in a new form today. The latest remix from Montreal producer Kaytranada boasts a crisp baseline and some fresh synths. This edition of a new classic showcases Kay's knack for refurbishing established bangers and transforming them into a platform between dance and hip-hop. The beatsmith first made a name for himself with the innovative mix "Instrumental Hip Hop is Dead," and now he continues to expand his catalogue via SoundCloud with adroit remixes from Disclosure to Azealia Banks and collaborating with aspirant artists like Reva DeVito. Stream below.

Stream: Pharrell, "Happy (Kaytranada Edition"

Stream: Pharrell, “Happy” (Kaytranada Edition)