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Stream Michael Jackson’s Posthumous XSCAPE LP

Stream all eight songs from Michael Jackson’s new, posthumous release, XSCAPE.

Last month, FADER contributor Michael Sugarman went to a listening preview for XSCAPE, the newly-finished, posthumous Michael Jackson release. In his recap of the evening, he had this to say about the record:

"The strongest songs on XSCAPE throw back to the ’90s by boasting vibes which have yet to enter the ’90s nostalgia radar. “Chicago,” likely the work of Dr. Freeze, is New Jack Swing sliced with a gram of trap, and “Loving You”—a worthy hit if there is one on the album—features the type of steel drum synth settings you haven’t heard on the radio since the turn of the century. In its less appealing moments, Xscape veers into the broad-stroke, uncontroversial social agenda of Michael’s 1991 hit, “Black Or White.”

The entire eight-song album is streaming below via Spotify; XSCAPE is out now on Epic.

Stream: Michael Jackson's XSCAPE

Stream Michael Jackson’s Posthumous XSCAPE LP