Behind the Scenes: Odd Future Gets Swaggy For 106 & Park

The Loiter Squad hits the Soho streets in search of high fashion.

Photographer Alex Wesh
May 15, 2014
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    The Loiter Squad hits the Soho streets in search of high fashion.

    For Odd Future's first official visit to the iconic hip-hop countdown show 106 & Park, Tyler, Taco, Jasper, Juan, Lionel and Earl wanted to make sure they could stunt on par with the famous rappers that have sat on the couch before them. More commonly spotted in bright tees and skate kicks, the crew of California miscreants hit up The FADER staff before the show for recommendations on how to “dress like a rapper,” specifically requesting gold chains, drop-crotch pants, and lots and lots of leather. We took them to some of the trendiest shops in Soho, where they ransacked shelves in search of the latest high fashion fits, before breaking down the inspiration behind their new looks while we rode to the studio. Peep the behind the scenes gallery above and interview below, and for more OF antics, don't miss tonight’s season premiere of their Adult Swim sketch comedy show Loiter Squad, or our latest installment of At Home With: Earl Sweatshirt.

    Tyler: You feel me, like, my motherfuckin' fashion idol is motherfuckin' Kyle Massey. So I look at him for inspiration that’s why I look so swag right now. Leather pants, Versace chains. This leather basketball, baseball jersey. This ain’t a snakeskin hat nigga. This is full iguana. These glasses nigga, what? Boy. These glasses, three thousand. Easy. How much for my shoes? Thirteen-hundred, you sound stupid.

    Taco: Nah T, you trippin T. The glasses was three thousand, the shoes is nine.

    Tyler: Oh shit! Oh shit! Damn.

    Lionel: You know I got the jogging pants on in case I want to sprint but I like to style at the same time cause I’m unstoppable. It’s two sides of a half of a whole. That’s all I’ma say about that. I’m lookin’ real official right now.

    Taco: I got some leather shorts, shout out DKN, uh, DKNY x Versace shit. I copped some new Air Forces.


    Taco: I copped some new Air Forces, but I take my Air Forces off every six minutes cause I can’t wear ‘em past that cause they get creases. So therefore I gotta cop ten pairs if I’m finna run out for a hour you feel what I’m sayin’?

    Tyler: Nigga we run this fashion shit. When niggas think of OF they say, “They run that fashion nigga.” We running the Tumblr blogs nigga.

    Lionel: Nigga I AM Tumblr.

    Tyler: Kids dressing like us nigga. Who started the motherfuckin’ flannel around the waist swaggin’ on these niggas? We did. We bringing back that grunge nigga. That grunge cause we fashion. All these niggas is my sons.

    Jasper: I don’t even wanna tell niggas what I got cause I don’t want niggas jockin’ my fuckin’ style you know. But just know I look good.

    Tyler: We look so tight dog, it’s starting to bum me out cause it’s not fair for these other niggas. And I’m a human type of nigga. I’m down for all humans. And it ain’t fair. Like right now, right now, we a grocery store and you other niggas is in Africa.

    Taco: How you eatin'? How you gon’ eat tomorrow? I’m finna wake up, spend twenty grand at Louis, and get a bunch of briefcases cause I’m about my business nigga.

    Tyler: We Chevron, and you niggas is at the bus stop. We have gas niggas.

    Jasper: How yall niggas gon’ get home?!

    Taco: Nigga I got the Roley with the baby, you know what I’m sayin', the baby crocodile strap on it. I just copped a twenty thousand dollar chain, I ain’t gon’ pull that out tonight though.

    Security Guard: How much your shirt cost?

    Taco: Like nine, seven, seven thousand…

    Jasper: We don’t pay attention to prices nigga!

    Taco: (Looks at price tag) Goddamn, this shirt was sixty-five dollars! It’s just regular cotton! Damn I’m back in normal nigga mode. I’m mad as fuck right now.

    Behind the Scenes: Odd Future Gets Swaggy For 106 & Park