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Get Ready to Get “Turnt On” by London Producer Moleskin

This club-ready number is a riot of synth stabs and robotic woops.

May 19, 2014


If you were feeling the flex of Night Slugs newbie Neana last week then you need to get to know London producer Moleskin. The two are back-to-back DJ buddies and share a fondness for tracks that b-b-bounce. In fact, Moleskin is no stranger to The FADER, having featured in our piece on London label Keysound last winter. His new record is for the fresh faced Goon Club Allstars and it's called "Turnt On", which should be somewhat of a clue as to its nature. A riot of synth stabs, robotic woops and hyper-caffeinated drums, it balls hard and—boldly—skips any semblance of a build-and-drop journey to focus cleanly on dancefloor annihilation.

Get Ready to Get “Turnt On” by London Producer Moleskin