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Download The-Drum’s Lo Motion Label Compilation for a Dollar

Sink into 14 cuts of Chicago R&B from The-Drum and friends.

May 20, 2014


Chicago production duo The-Drum are on some next-level grind at the moment. In the last month they've rolled out beats for R&B group Jody, hazy vocalist Dre Green, and Le1f associate Rahel's debut single (the latter produced by one half of The-Drum, Jeremiah Meece). Barely pausing to catch a breath, today they release their label's debut compilation,
Lo Motion Singles Vol. 1, which features 14 cuts of faded R&B from The-Drum and friends, including solo work from Jody's Khallee and The GTW, plus contributions from fellow Chicagoans Bobby Swan and Winston Lasker. "This compilation is made up of singles from releases we have coming out on our new label we founded, Lo Motion, this year," writes The-Drum's Brandon Boom. "It's kind of an intro to the label and a preview of what's to come in the months ahead." You can listen to the compilation here in full or download the lot for just a dollar over on Bandcamp.

Download The-Drum’s Lo Motion Label Compilation for a Dollar