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Listen to Groundislava’s R&B/Trance Hybrid “Feel The Heat”

The LA producer and WeDidIt co-founder unleashes a brooding banger.

May 27, 2014


Sometimes, just sometimes, the weather plays ball and I get to post songs called "Feel The Heat" on days when there is actually some heat to feel. Although I have a feeling the heat that LA producer Groundislava is alluding to on this first single from his forthcoming album A Frozen Throne has more to do with summer lovin' than sun tannin'. Is that really you standing before me? sings fellow WeDidIt collective associate Rare Times over a ba-ba-ba-boom beat. There's enough swooshing in there, too, to send it on some trance/R&B hybrid tip, which makes it perfect BBQ soundtrack material: brooding and banging all at once. WeDidIt/Friends of Friends will release the Feel The Heat EP on June 24th but you can get ahead of yourself and pre-order it now.

Listen to Groundislava’s R&B/Trance Hybrid “Feel The Heat”