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Listen to Mozart’s Sister’s Refreshingly Earnest “Enjoy”

This new one from the Montreal singer/producer aims for chart dance territory.

Photographer Vanessa Heins
May 28, 2014


"I’m hyper-emotional," Montreal singer/producer Caila Thompson-Hannant, aka Mozart's Sister, told FADER's Duncan Cooper in an interview last February. On new single "Enjoy"—the first from her new album, Being, due out August 5th on Asthmatic Kitty/Paper Bag—that hyper-emotion is writ larger than life. Then my drive's all I have / Late at night / Pushing me to eternity, she sings, pulling the words from deep inside her core. Vocally, she plays with tension and release throughout—it's actually the closest she's got to chart dance delivery. A chorus of robotic vocal samples make up the song's percussion, providing the perfect counterpoint to her refreshingly earnest and actually pretty damn meaningful lyrics. Now I'm the one getting emo.

Listen to Mozart’s Sister’s Refreshingly Earnest “Enjoy”