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Hear Sami Suova of Shine 2009’s Solo Debut, Recessional

The Helsinki singer and producer releases an EP of half-despondent music for halfway dancing.

May 28, 2014


Been following the moves of Sami Suova for years, first as part of the Helsinki pop duo Shine 2009, then as Shine morphed into a Carl Jung-inspired happy hardcore group called Cup, and now with his first solo EP, Recessional, released while he's hunkering down in NYC. Big surprise that I love it—I could listen to his sighing voice over pretty much everything, certainly including the half-dancing synth flows of this EP (slow stuff, sort of like Nicolas Makelberge, though he can't help but let loose a hint of hardcore midway through "Yours Completely"). Still, the words hint at awful despondence, sleeplessness and feeling conflicted, as Suova's description makes clear: "The solo release consists of songs I had to get out of my system in order to be able to carry on living and making music," he says. "I needed to be more open and more emotional—more like what I am. Now that the songs are finished, I realize they were a rite of passage." Listen below, and download the EP for just $4.

Stream: Sami Suova's Recessional EP

Hear Sami Suova of Shine 2009’s Solo Debut, Recessional