Brooklyn Bound: ASTR Live at Converse Rubber Tracks

In the most recent installment of Brooklyn Bound, electro-R&B duo ASTR performed at Converse Rubber Tracks.

Photographer Roger Kisby
May 30, 2014
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    Even though it wasn't really hot outside, last night felt like summer. It might have been the fact that the weekend was so close we could taste it, or that Memorial Day has come and gone, or maybe—most likely—it was because we got to watch a very special performance by NYC duo ASTR, who came through Converse Rubber Tracks in Williamsburg for the latest installment of our Brooklyn Bound series. The generous quantity of Goose Island beer we drank probably helped, too.

    Early on, we sipped on pale ales and stretched our legs to a DJ set from Kasey Berry while people trickled in from outside. The venue felt comfortably full by the time electro-pop act ASTR hopped on stage, and redhead vocalist Zoe was certainly dressed for summer in a black crop top, white cut-offs and some worn-in Converse kicks. The duo, comprised of Zoe and her beatsmith boyfriend Adam, coasted through a few songs from their debut EP, Varsity, including its Drake cover, an impressive and foggy take on one of last year's perfect pop songs. They also teased the enthusiastic crowd with news that their next EP is coming imminently (and that a new video might drop as soon as next week!). Browse through a slideshow of photos from the evening above, come back next week for a video and free live mp3 from the gig and peep all our Brooklyn Bound treks featuring Potty Mouth, World's Fair and more right here.

    Brooklyn Bound: ASTR Live at Converse Rubber Tracks