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Tokyo Shoegazers LLLL Announce Debut LP for Zoom Lens with “You”

LLLL announce Paradice, their debut album, out June 17th via hot hot hot Zoom Lens label. Hear the lead track, “You.”

June 10, 2014


Been on a major Zoom Lens kick lately—the California-based label was featured last week in Adam Harper's essay on new digital DIY labels, then co-founder Meishi Smile hooked us up with snapshots of his first Japanese tour. They've just been really on their gaaaaaame with super-sensitive, vaguely shoegazey synth stuff, whether it's Yoshino Yoshikawa or Meishi or the prolific and underrated mood-setter i-fls. My most anticipated release, though, is Paradice, the full-length debut from LLLL, the Tokyo group who I first fell for in 2012, when I got apparently really worked up on earth-science metaphors and likened their sound to a tight fireball and seeds caught in a tornado. "You," the first track they've shared from the new album, deserves all that and more—feels like a mountain moved with a square wave. You can preorder the album now before it comes out one June 17th.

Stream: LLLL, "You"

Tokyo Shoegazers LLLL Announce Debut LP for Zoom Lens with “You”