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Hook Singers Collide with Akon and Young Thug on “Nasa”

Akon and Young Thug croon into the stratosphere on this unexpected collab

June 11, 2014

Every few years, a chosen crooner takes mantle as rap's resident hook singer of the moment. A decade ago, Akon held that title, appearing on songs from T-Pain to Young Jeezy to, eventually, David Guetta. But the black vocalist turnaround is quick: Akon begat T-Pain, who begat Drake, who begat Future, who begat Young Thug. “Nasa” features Akon going back to his old hood to stunt on those that doubted him, and Young Thug provides one of his more decipherable choruses, boasting of going from Nasa to Nasa. Stuck between this cross generational meet-up of hook singers is Memphis’ OG Boo Dirty, who appears here biting fellow Memphis rapper Snootie Wilds'sYayo," --perhaps it was better to disappear in the background and let these kindred singing souls have the spotlight.

Stream: Akon & OG Dirty Boo f. Young Thug, "Nasa"

Hook Singers Collide with Akon and Young Thug on “Nasa”