YG and Blanco Celebrate the Season on “Block Party”

The Cookin Soul produced collab is a breezy afternoon jam

Photographer John Francis Peters
June 11, 2014

Though YG’s My Krazy Life recalled a number of West Coast classic albums, it was missing the staple laaaaaid back afternoon jam California is famous for. “Block Party,” the opening single from a joint project between YG and Bay Area rapper Blanco, shoots for a traditional Cali vibe, but maintains a sheen of menace: while Blanco and DB the General smile and enjoy the day, YG remains a bit perturbed by homies locked up missing all the fun. Cooking Soul samples Tupac’s “Old School” on the hook--Them block parties in the project, and on my block.--setting the mood for horns to blare over an afternoon sunset.

Stream: YG & Blanco, "Block Party"

Posted: June 11, 2014
YG and Blanco Celebrate the Season on “Block Party”