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Phiney Pet Brings Fashion Back to the Playground

Playful prints, ice cream cones and kooky illustrations abound.

June 13, 2014

There's nothing like ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles, chill bike ride sessions and pleated dresses decorated with technicolor dinosaurs to get a girl feeling like it's officially summertime. Josephine Pettman, designer of South East London-based womenswear label Phiney Pet, understands this sentiment and took her SS14 collection back to the literal and figurative playground. The collection, which was inspired by her thirteen year-old crew of friends, features Ms. Frizzle-worthy button-up shirts that can be paired with dresses with kitten patches and a moto-style jacket that showcases custom Phiney Pet illustrations. Phiney Pet's signature playful prints can be spotted on every garment throughout the collection and the vibrant colors will make the wearer shine brighter than the blistering summer sun. Passerby beware: shades are required for this colorful collection. Check out the Phiney Pet SS14 cookbook below and shop her latest accessories here.

Posted: June 13, 2014
Phiney Pet Brings Fashion Back to the Playground