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Soulja Boy Whipping Wrists Like Tony Hawk

Soulja’s 2014 keeps getting better, and his wrist-game is on 900

June 13, 2014

Soulja Boy's 2014 could not be going any better. Drake graced and remixed “We Made It” into a high school and college graduation anthem, and Soulja’s hook on Nicki Minaj'sYasss Bish!!!” might stand as one of the most memorable part of her 2014 attack on the rap game. Along with increased national exposure, his ever entertaining Instagram feed shows him palling around with Migos, Young Thug and a number of "New Atlanta" royalty. “Tony Hawk (Whip My Wrist)” shows none of this added attention has gotten to his crowned head. He joyously repeats "whipping my wrists"--if you're puzzled over what exactly skateboarding star Tony Hawk has to do with whipping one's wrist over a stove, you've clearly never landed a 900.

Stream: Soulja Boy, "Tony Hawk (Whip My Wrist)"

Soulja Boy Whipping Wrists Like Tony Hawk