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Zelooperz’s HELP is a Loud Scream From a Fresh Voice

Detroit native and Danny Brown homie drops his first full length in over two years.

June 16, 2014

Last Friday, Zelooperz released HELP, his first full-length release in over two years. The tape as a whole does not letup and shows the out-there-ness of previous tracks like Plateau could be sustained for an entire project. Claiming Detroit and having previously toured with Danny Brown, Zelooperz has harnessed Brown’s performative vocal quality, which has snagged him some of Danny's core fans. His voice does not have the same instantly memorability, which is evident when the two share the spotlight on “Thunda Cats.” But he's found a strong match to his elastic flow in Matrax, who produced a majority of the mixtape and allowed each track to go down its own sonic rabbit hole--when Zelooperz’s only competition is the beat, his magnetism is unquestioned.

Stream: Zelooperz, Help

Posted: June 16, 2014
Zelooperz’s HELP is a Loud Scream From a Fresh Voice