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Take Cakes Da Killa’s Hunger Pangs Literal

The alternative NJ MC’s latest tape demands a fair slice of the pie.

June 18, 2014

Cakes Da Killa spits And if I said it, take it literal/ I was never too keen on subliminals within the first 90 seconds of his Hunger Pangs mixtape, and we get the feeling he means it. The New Jersey-based MC caught some shine alongside Le1f and Mykki Blanco when "gay rap" was trending in New York's style circles, and there's enough punchlines about throwing opaque shade and dark nights at the Westway nightclub to keep that scene in a lather. But Cakes can rap regardless, and the project transcends categorization listeners may ascribe to it: see "It's Not Ovah," where he storms onto metallic double-dutch hi-hats flowing like a Hot 97 freestyle. If Cakes is hungry for anything, it's a fair slice of the pie, and he's earned his serving here.

Stream: Cakes Da Killa, Hunger Pangs

Take Cakes Da Killa’s Hunger Pangs Literal