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Listen to “Young” by London Trio Flowers

Indie-pop’s not dead.


There's not often a lot to say about classic-sounding indie-pop without dropping in the expected descriptors: sweet, scrappy, twee. But sometimes a song comes along that's all of those things but also feels pure, like "Young" by London three-piece Flowers, a band that started when guitarist Sam Gumtree posted an add on a British Craigslist-esque site that read: “in search of a singer to make music like Madonna through a broken tape machine.” This song sounds cleaner than that implies (though their demos are swaddled in some pretty dense cassette fuzz) and when Rachel Kenedy sings the opening lines Don't you weep for me/ I am young and carefree, it's not a Madonna impersonator you hear but a radiant, warm and endearingly amateurish talent. The song appears on Flowers' debut record, Do What You Want To, It's What's You Should Do, which is out September 9th via Kanine and Fortuna Pop! in the UK.

Stream: Flowers, "Young"

Listen to “Young” by London Trio Flowers