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Conspicuous Coupling: With Victory Press, All Is Fair in Love and Sportswear

Photographer Kathy Lo
June 19, 2014

From the magazine: ISSUE 92, June/July 2014

Before Jessica Humphrey and Jonathan Cammisa made it official as girlfriend and boyfriend, thrift store fashion brought them together: they met on the street of Brooklyn and geeked out over a mutual love of vintage sportswear. “Old school Nautica sailing gear and early Patagonia—we both went nuts over that stuff,” says Humphrey. In a matter of months, their conversations evolved into plans for a vintage-inspired outdoors fashion line called Victory Press. Influenced by postmodern art, ’80s and ’90s surf and skate culture and the simple thrifted nylon jackets that they both adored, Victory Press became a full range of sorbet-colored clothes with enough broad charm to please dudes and daring tomboys alike. “Our brand appeals to the streetwear world, but also to the outdoors market and the thrift market,” says Humphrey. “We come from all of those places.”

Three and a half years later, their creative partnership is as strong and steady as their romantic one; when they talk about their company, it could almost be mistaken them talking about being a couple. “We’re really trying to build a brand that’s going to last for a long time, and I feel like the way you do that is start with a slow lead,” says Humphrey. “You build good staples that really fill a need that people have.” Trusty anoraks, comfy button-down shirts and a playful knack for color have become their signature, and Humphrey and Cammisa hope to eventually expand the line beyond ready-to-wear into a full lifestyle brand, even if as they grow, there will be some necessary compromises. “We have to make specific deals with each other at dinner not to talk about work,” says Cammisa. “Like, this is a date. Not a work meeting.” At least their fancy dinners for two can now be written off as business.

Styling Mobolaji Dawodu. Styling Assistance Dennine Dyer. Model Lydia Burns. Photo Assistance Jonathan Hokklo, Ershi Sebok.

Conspicuous Coupling: With Victory Press, All Is Fair in Love and Sportswear