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Watch FKA Twigs’ New Video for a Remix Of “Ache”

With disjointed fluttering choreography, FKA Twigs dances to a spiraling remix of “Ache” from her first EP.

June 19, 2014

FKA Twigs, who has mastered the unsettling "uncanny valley" effect, is back with a new video for a remix of an older track— "Ache"—from her debut EP. Where most of her songs smack down with blunt force, this remix winds deeper into itself and curls into a bizarre cocoon. In fact, the video’s choreography is more moth-like than human, with Twigs’ hair moving seemingly on its own and her limbs bending disjointedly. It’s a bit like the horror movie The Grudge, except painfully beautiful instead of just painful. Earlier this month, FKA Twigs announced her upcoming album, LP1, out August 11th on Young Turks. Watch the video via Dazed and read about our recent wanderings around London with the shape-shifting singer.

Posted: June 19, 2014
Watch FKA Twigs’ New Video for a Remix Of “Ache”