You Can Now Order Mermaid-Colored Hair Extensions By Mail

Boring hairdos be damned!

Photographer via siobhan bell
June 19, 2014

London-based DJ and resident It-girl Siobhan Bell has always managed to turn heads with her eclectic music selections and distinct hair color combinations. After receiving numerous compliments on the colorful extensions that she DIY dip-dyed, Siobhan decided to cater to the masses and launch her own brand of colorful hair extensions. Cherryade, also the name of her monthly party in London, is a line of one-of-a-kind hair extensions that give Katy Perry's hair team a run for their money. In addition to a wide range of vibrant color choices, there are also different lengths ("Dip Dye", "Full" and "Pick 'n Mix") so each wearer can pick how much color they want in their hair at the moment. With enough brightly colored hair choices to rival a bag of Skittles –including the bubblegum-pink "Barbie", the ocean-tinted "Dolphin" and the signature "Lavandish", expect major hair envy from the girls around the way that are still rocking the natural ombre. Browse Cherryade's rainbow selection here and follow Siobhan Bell for more updates.

Posted: June 19, 2014
You Can Now Order Mermaid-Colored Hair Extensions By Mail