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Michael Christmas Pop n’ Locks Into Our Hearts In “Y’all Trippin’”

The 19-year-old Boston MC stars in a dance battle for the ages.

June 23, 2014


A voicemail recording at the tail end of "Y'all Trippin'" scolds with a sarcastic, authoritative tone: "International superstar Michael Christmas--get your shit together." It's the kind of finger-wagging the 19-year-old class clown is probably used to, at once acknowledging his massive potential to spit raps and crack jokes for major crowds, and his proud slacker penchant for screwing it all up. The first song on Christmas' Is This Art? mixtape, "Y'all Trippin" is a joyride of underdog, everyman raps stuffed with references to Call of Duty games, Spike Lee joints and Chief Keef adlibs, floating over producer James Rogers' loopy spanish horns and chunky kicks and snares. The video finds the Boston native prowling the subways of NYC, training for a dance battle with Vine star and arch nemesis OG Swaggerdick: backspins, headspins and nae nae's abound. Come for the flows, stay for the lulz, and watch close for what this kid does next.

Michael Christmas Pop n’ Locks Into Our Hearts In “Y’all Trippin’”