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Woop Lingo Is a Deep Dive In’o Woop's Paranoid Mind

Orlando’s Woop proves being a nerd with words is crucial to the rap craft, no matter your style.

June 26, 2014

Rappers must be nerds about words. Whether they care about #bars or not, it is really hard to succeed in a profession that relies on the rhyming words without some care paid to that side of the craft. Orlando, Florida rapper Woop released a mixtape last week whose title hit that obsession right on the head: Woop Lingo. The tape might be filled with a variety of street songs that cover the tropes of money, gun and drugs, but as the title of "Wrapped Too Tight" says, Woop is constantly consumed in his own mental state--note him pointing to his own head on the cover). "Solo Dolo Lonely" exemplifies this trait, with nimbly rapped verses and an auto-tuned chorus cataloging his fight against his own self-induced paranoia.

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Posted: June 26, 2014
Woop Lingo Is a Deep Dive In’o Woop's Paranoid Mind