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NYC’s Young Creatives Put on Their Own Art Show

Check out pics from one-off photography exhibit Temporary Accommodations, including Dev Hynes enjoying the show.

June 27, 2014

On Tuesday night, the grungy Niagara Bar off of Tompkins Square Park in NYC's East Village was overflowing with visitors to see Temporary Accommodations, a one-night art show that featured work from 10 interesting young photographers. Curated by Antonia Marsh, the work on display crackled with energy and ingenuity. With contributions from Matt Hitt of indie-rock band Drowners, models Ali Michael and Marcel Castenmiller, and stylist Miyako Bellizzi, the thread that loosely tied the show together was that most of the featured artists usually had titles other than "photographer" associated with their name.

"I wanted to have a mix of photographers," Marsh told me. "Those who work in that field primarily and openly consider themselves artists, and also those who might never have shown their photos in a gallery environment, or even any environment whatsoever. Creativity spans across fields, and people who don't do things specifically for exhibitions or as artworks, who take photos just as a hobby, often demonstrate a kind of purity in their work that I think is extremely interesting and beautiful. " Temporary Accommodations was indeed both interesting and beautiful, and also a huge party at that. It's shows like this that keep New York's art scene interesting—more proof that a ton of good art comes out of going to dive bars with your friends. Check out pics from the night below, including guest Dev Hynes enjoying the show.

Work by Pete Voelker
Miyako Bellizzi
Brandee Brown with work by Miyako
Danielle Reuther in front of her self portrait
Work by Matt Hitt
Matt Hitt
Portrait of Sandy Kim by Marcel Castenmiller
Sophia Lamar and Ian Bradley
Work by Danielle Reuther
Dev Hynes and friends
Curator Antonia Marsh

Images courtesy of Raat City (@raatcity).

Posted: June 27, 2014
NYC’s Young Creatives Put on Their Own Art Show