Wake Up with Lukid’s Soul-Stretching NTS Radio Mix

The London producer serves up a mood-enhancing mix featuring ‘70s Afro-rock and modern day ambient music.

June 30, 2014

On a quiet afternoon last week in London's Gillett Square—a little patch of tree-dotted concrete off of Dalston's Kingsland High Street—London producer Lukid holed up in the tiny studio of NTS Radio for his monthly radio show. It's been going a couple of years now and is always an essential listen, largely because it's a musical lucky dip: he could play moody hip-hop, yawning drone, delicate guitar picking or rumbling techno fragments, you name it—although, actually, naming it is usually the last thing I can do it. Lukid's show is one of my favorite ways to discover new-to-me music, and this June mix is especially fruitful, featuring '70s Nigerian Afro-rock band Colomach, modern-day Michigan ambient artist Auburn Lull and the mournful sonata of Italian classical pianist Sergio Fiorentino—all in all, a satisfyingly soul-stretching selection (full tracklist below). "It's pretty liberating to be able to play whatever i like without having a dancefloor to answer to," Lukid tells me over AIM. "Or people to judge you on what equipment you're using." He uses Ableton to play around with the ambient stuff he spins, looping sections to create his own versions. Lukid will follow up his exquisite 2012 album Lonely At The Top with an EP on Mute off-shoot Liberation Technologies later this summer. In the meantime, it's well worth digging into the archive of Lukid's past shows here, plus keep an eye on his Facebook page as he often posts a download of his latest show after the fact.

Lukid - 26th June 2014 by Nts Radio on Mixcloud

Auburn Lull - CA1
Ol - Money Is A Gas
Yves Tumor - The Feeling When You Walk Away
Pale Cocoon - Mizutamari
Scanner Darkly - Beautiful Mistakes
Ol - True White
Martin Dupont - Your Passion
Denzel Curry - Dark And Violent
Delroy Edwards - Sick And Tired
Brrd - Hail Di King
Capleton - Matey Career
Capleton - Make Hay
Ligeti - Continuum
Sergio Fiorentino - Scriabin
Colomach - Sonorites Sahelienne (acoustic Guitar)
Colomach - O Bernadetta
Robert Pete Williams - I'm Going Back With Him When He Comes
Robert Pete Williams - Little School Song
Colomach - Kpanlongo
Juniour Kimbrough - Keep On Braggin
Otis G Johnson - Walk With Jesus
Rev Gary Davis - Italian Rag
Lukid - This Dog Can Swim (1991 Remix)
DJ Nigga Fox - Old
Container - Treatment
Black Kray - Iced Out Castles

Wake Up with Lukid’s Soul-Stretching NTS Radio Mix