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Thanks to the MAD Museum, Hood by Air Is Now Officially Art

This new biennial is pushing the boundaries of “art.”

July 02, 2014

This summer, the Museum of Arts and Design is setting out to affiliate names as varying as Blue Bottle Coffee, Marilyn Minter and Eckhaus Latta under the umbrella of their NYC Makers: The MAD Biennial. Linking disparate disciplines and marrying high and low brow, the Biennal seeks to showcase individuals “who apply an outstanding level of workmanship to the creation of objects or environments that shape our everyday lives.” The exhibition—which will include approximately 100 pieces—will undoubtedly be the only space you can peep a Metropolitan Opera set and parachute pieces from Hood by Air Spring 2014 collection side by side.

The curator, Jake Yuzna, explains his desire to create an incubator for unexposed talent as much as a presentation platform. “Through this exhibition we hope to transform MAD into a laboratory that not only presents but also supports those who have chosen to continue to work and live in NYC," Yuzna says. "Their contributions not only impact culture on a global scale, but continue to make NYC one of the most interesting urban communities in the world.” Unique in its comprehensive scope, the physical exhibit and its accompanying presentations—which include everything from special effects demonstrations to cigar rolling tutorial—are ongoing until October 12, so be sure to check the schedule here.

Thanks to the MAD Museum, Hood by Air Is Now Officially Art