Dan Svizeny, Formerly Cough Cool, Gets Personal on “Close-Up U.S.A.”

The New Jersey lo-fi artist shares a last minute addition to your July 4th mixtape.


New Jersey songwriter Dan Svizeny, who you may know from the sludgy rock music he makes as Cough Cool, is releasing a new full-length collection under his given name. The songs on Every Weekend, Svizeny says, feel much more personal than his work under his Cough Cool alias. "It's more more honest, more lovable," he explains of the album, which he made when he moved home to Jersey after living in Philadelphia for a spell. "I recorded in a really quiet town on the Delaware River. These ten songs are as vulnerable as I get, I think."

"Close Up U.S.A." is blown-out like a Cough Cool song, and the lyrics are similarly obfuscated, but it still feels like a progression; it's a nice balance of crunchy, lo-fi production and windows-down melodicism that's indicative of someone who's been at this for a while. He repeats the phrase Close-up USA a lot, which makes this a potentially great track to bump tomorrow when you're a few beers in and suddenly feeling real patriotic and you've already OD'd on Springsteen. Every Weekend is out August 19th on Forged Artifacts.

Stream: Dan Svizeny, "Close-Up U.S.A."

Dan Svizeny, Formerly Cough Cool, Gets Personal on “Close-Up U.S.A.”