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Lil Durk Teases His July 4th Mixtape On “I Go”

Signed to the Streets 2 drops on America’s birthday. Durk salutes the block.

July 03, 2014

Rappers release mixtapes on holidays specifically to test your dedication--who would dare spend quality time with friends and family when there's new rap to digest? Lil Durk is scheduled to release Signed to the Streets 2 tomorrow on America's birthday--a day laden with a different kind of fireworks and just as many drugs. "I Go" keeps with the same street worries that racked Durk's mind on the original Signed to the Streets. But he's still able to celebrate through dark times: Fuck you niggas, I love my niggas, and they riiiiiide through whateevverrrr, he sings with a block patriotism worthy of salute.

Stream: Lil Durk, "I Go"

Posted: July 03, 2014
Lil Durk Teases His July 4th Mixtape On “I Go”