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Listen to Tim Hecker’s Immersive “Amps, Drugs, Mellotron”

Stream the experimentalists new song for the ongoing Adult Swim singles series.


Every Monday, Adult Swim has been releasing tracks from its ongoing singles series. So far we've seen songs from artists like Destruction Unit and Fatima Al-Qadiri, and the latest entry comes from Canadian experimentalist Tim Hecker. "Amps, Drugs, Mellotron" is an alternate take from his sessions working on his most recent, cinematic-sounding album, Virgins; it's an immersive instrumental that seemingly favors emotive flutes over the titular tape-replay keyboard. It has a certain rustic serenity that makes me think of a haunted forest or something. Stream it below.

Stream: Tim Hecker, "Amps, Drugs, Mellotron"

Listen to Tim Hecker’s Immersive “Amps, Drugs, Mellotron”