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Stream Psych Pop Duo Wunder Wunder’s Everything Infinite LP

The California-via-Australia duo share their debut full-length in its entirety.


"Coastline," the second song on Wunder Wunder's debut full-length and the first one I posted here back in March, starts with an arpeggiated synth pattern before opening way up into a rich, squinting-in-the-sun pop song with an instantly memorable melody. Everything Infinite, the duo's debut full-length, is full of moments like that. It reminds me of a more openly optimistic Lonerism in certain ways, and not simply because the record's full of kaleidoscopic psych tunes or because, like Tame Impala, LA transplants Aaron Shanahan and Benjamin Plant both hail from Australia. The similarity is strongest because of the pair's commitment to using texture in an interesting, contemporary way—whether it's on the underwater-sounding "Midnight Hours" or the lysergic balladry of closer "Dreams Of The Fall." Everything Infinite is out July 15th on Dovecote and streaming below in its entirety.

Stream Wunder Wunder's Everything Infinite

Stream Psych Pop Duo Wunder Wunder’s Everything Infinite LP