Listen to Dev Hynes’ Deep Rework of Sia’s “Chandelier”

Listen to Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes Sing Over Sia on his “Chandelier” Remix

July 11, 2014

Blood Orange's Dev Hynes released a transformative remix of Sia's "Chandelier" on Spotify today. Hynes has completely reworked the soaring track, dismantling the original structure and working the chorus' 1, 2, 3, drink, 1, 2, 3, drink into a haunting, mournful refrain. Hynes coos anxiously over a minimal heartbeat-like pulse, letting snatches of Sia's lyricism punctuate rather than dominate. It's perhaps the only way to appropriately remix such a deeply personal track—by adopting and owning it completely. However, Dev just tweeted he's not completely satisfied with his version, calling it a "little iffy." Keep your eyes peeled for a newer mix of the track later today, and check our feature on Sia's unique brand of faceless fame from the new edition of Popping Off.

Stream: Sia, "Chandelier (Dev Hynes Remix)"

Posted: July 11, 2014
Listen to Dev Hynes’ Deep Rework of Sia’s “Chandelier”