Dive into Aïsha Devi’s Hypnotic Take on Gabber, “Hakken Dub”

The Swiss-born producer explains why gabber—the ‘90s Dutch techno mutation—is so compelling, plus premieres her new 12”.

July 14, 2014


Swiss-born producer Aïsha Devi—who you may know from her previous dance-pop incarnation as Kate Wax—has got a thing about gabber, the techno mutation that emerged in Rotterdam, Holland in the '90s. You can hear its echo in the dense, scraggy bass that punctuates the hypnotic hiss of "Hakken Dub" from Devi's new 12" on her label Danse Noire. "Gabber is a tribal matter," Devi explains over email. "Like any gathering that involves body experience and music at a constant speed, the collective ritual leads to states of trance. The aesthetics, the samples, the naive breaks, the bpm and the martial pulse have this anthemic power. But it's the weirdest cult, everything about it is semi-exhilarating, semi-dirty. I kinda like the tension." She's not wrong—it's the contradictions that make "Hakken Dub" such a satisfying listen. Dive in below and look out for the 12" featuring remixes from Hieroglyphic Being and IVVVO on July 21st.

Dive into Aïsha Devi’s Hypnotic Take on Gabber, “Hakken Dub”