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Que Spits Textbook New Atlanta Rap in “Uno Dos Tres”

Que continues to perfect the Migos Flow on his latest single

July 15, 2014

Though the Migos Flow remains one of the most overdone in rap this past year, Que pulls off the triplet pattern justice as well as his Atlanta brethren. "Uno Dos Tres" is perfect for this style and shows why Que is one of the underrated stars from "New Atlanta." His voice has the gruffness of one too many cigarettes; his on-mic persona arrives chest puffed and assured. and like many Atlanta rappers he makes sure the listener is fully aware of his fashion range--he brags about rocking Chanel belts with matching Pumas and pulling up in his whip wearing house shoes, both within nearly the same breath. Who said today's rappers aren't versatile?

Stream: Que, "Uno Dos Tres"

Posted: July 15, 2014
Que Spits Textbook New Atlanta Rap in “Uno Dos Tres”