Four Designers That We’ve Been Checking For Since Berlin Fashion Week

Bondage-inspired outerwear and rugged hemlines galore!

July 18, 2014

Berlin Fashion Week may be one of the younger and lesser-known fashion weeks without big name fashion houses presenting collections, but that doesn't mean that it should be overlooked. Quite the opposite in fact; with endless eccentricity and inspiration, this year's spring 15 presentations proved that German-based designers have a unique vision that is ready to be seen and experienced by the fashion masses. With major Berlin Fashion Week regulars such as Hugo Boss dropping out of the runway festivities this season, more room was created for up-and-coming German designers to show their skills and prove their worth. From the avant-garde and theatrical (that Dare by Johny Dar show gave the old Galliano a run for his money with his well-received show) to the understated and refined, Berlin Fashion Week gave us lots to gawk at. Here are four designers that we've been checking for since Berlin Fashion Week:

Dividing your time and skill sets between menswear and womenswear is never an easy feat for a small-scale designer, but Vladimir Karaleev pulled it off effortlessly with his spring 15 collection. With sculptural appeal, raw-edge details and bold geographic patches, combined with futuristic textiles (not too mention the amazing tongue-less sneakers), Karaleev managed to produce a cohesive, standout collection.

Marina Hoermanseder's spring 15 collection was bondage wear at its finest. Hoermanseder managed to combine harsh, fetishized leather pieces —think cone bra corsets, belts and even a full-scale body wrap piece —with neutral pastels and breezy fabrics and the contrast proved that you can still look a little soft and innocent while rocking S&M-influenced gear.

Since graduating from the University of Arts in Berlin, Julian Zigleri has sky-rocketed to menswear fame with his namesake collection. With collections that constantly blur the lines between femininity and masculinity, Zigleri has proved time and time again that he's a chameleon when it comes to designing his collections each season. This season, he added in a performance art factor to present the spring collection that had models de-robing and tossing their tracksuits and digitally printed tees aside. Fashion shows in reverse are a thing now.

Who doesn't love some modern-day, high-end rockabilly garb? Luckily for us, Sissi Goetze really does. The high-waisted trousers, cropped cardigans and Hawaiian tees combined with the slicked-back do's of the tatted models turned the runway into a scene straight out of American Graffiti. Plus-any designer that manages to make male sash belts look cool is more than okay in our book.

Posted: July 18, 2014
Four Designers That We’ve Been Checking For Since Berlin Fashion Week