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EKKAH Ride ‘80s FM Waves on “Figure It Out”

Stream a new summer single from Birmingham girl duo EKKAH.

July 28, 2014

Two girls from Birmingham named Rebekah and Rebecca decided to make music together under the name "EKKAH." We can't speak to the sanctity of that decision, but its surely produced a solid tune: "Figure It Out" is a breezy R&B/funk number in the vein of '80s FM, the kind of tune Prince or Rick James might have assigned to one of the second-tier girl groups in their stable. Yes, Haim has occupied this space well enough, but there's just enough chicken grease spread across this baseline and wet snare to make it worth blasting through a summer cruise. You can stream EKKAH's straightforward-titled Summer Mixtape now, which includes a few more demos and a Patrice Rushen cover.

Stream: EKKAH, "Figure It Out"

EKKAH Ride ‘80s FM Waves on “Figure It Out”