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Hear Kali Uchis Try On Faded Neo-Funk in “Real”

The latest leak from GEN F alum Kali Uchis arrives via Kitty Cash’s Love The Free II.

Photographer Joyce Kim
July 30, 2014

Kali Uchis' "Real" popped up on Kitty Cash's Love The Free II mix yesterday, a pleasant surprise built on rubbery vibraphone notes--the kind employed by afro-jazz pioneers like Cal Tjader in the '60s, and pillaged by beatsmiths like DJ Premier in the '90s. Kali's still cruising around old sounds, landing here more neo-funk than the winking doo-wop we got into on her Drunken Babble tape from last year. The lyrics are light--Yeah I'm down, but not just for anyone--subtweet couplets worthy of shelf space on the singer's oft-golden timeline. For more of Kali's way with words, peep her profile in this issue's GEN F section.

Stream: Kali Uchis, "Real"

Hear Kali Uchis Try On Faded Neo-Funk in “Real”