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Vell and RJ Get to Scuffing on “No Fades”

Vell and RJ of YG’s Pusha’s Ink deliver a fight song worthy of Crime Mob

August 01, 2014

One reason YG's My Krazy Life made such an immediate impression was the record's physicality. On the second track "BPT," YG gives a detailed play-by-play of a fist fight, setting the tone for an album where matters are solved with brawn, not brains. Vell and YG signee RJ take the same tactic on "No Fades," wasting no time knocking heads and making the meanest threats. The spare beat from Vell recalls one of Crime Mob's own classic fight anthem "Knuck If You Buck," a decade old but still loud with bark and bite.

Stream: Vell & RJ, "No Fades"

Posted: August 01, 2014
Vell and RJ Get to Scuffing on “No Fades”