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It’s National Underwear Day— Cop These Chic Panties

Cause you always need a fresh pair <3

August 05, 2014

I've logged a lot of hours watching The Sopranos this summer. My favorite scenes, by far, are the ones where Adriana, clad in expensive mismatched lingerie, stomps around the shitty one bedroom she shares with Christopher, her eyes tear stained and red rimmed, her acrylic-adorned fingers curled, trembling, around a steady trail of cigarettes. Watching her wail "Christophuh!" is a lot more fun when she's wearing hardly any clothes. It was Adriana who taught me you can get away with an awful lot of shit when you're wearing high-cut lace bikini bottoms and a shelf bra.

Mercifully, the era of the thong seems to have finally reached its end, and we've been left with a retro lingerie landscape better suited to our inner Adriana: well made, aggressively feminine, and not a little bit slutty. It's National Underwear Day, apparently, and since there are few things more artful and intimate than purchasing, wearing, and taking yours off, we've rounded up our favorite new pieces for your Tuesday pleasure.

It’s National Underwear Day— Cop These Chic Panties