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Splash’s New Single Has Hooks for Days

Splash moves to Los Angeles, drops a vibey new slow jam

August 06, 2014


When they first came on the scene a few years ago, Splash made a name for itself as the Brooklyn DIY scene's first "new age boy band"—the "new age" part stemming from their affiliation with Bushwick yoga hub Body Actualized Control, the "boy band" part stemming from their penchant for deep grooves and pour-your-heart-out vocal acrobatics. Flash forward to 2014, and they've relocated to Los Angeles, founded their own label (tripperdisc) and logged studio time with Nicholaas Jaar (look out for a Splash release next year on Jaar's subscription-based label, Other People). In the meantime, here's a loosie that sees the band pushing ever-further into '90s R&B territory, all the while retaining their signature funk-bass turns and lyrical tributes to non-posessive love.

Stream: Splash, "Don't Look Back"

Splash’s New Single Has Hooks for Days