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Elle Clay Revives the Comedy Album in 306 LIVE

Baby girl got jokes.

August 08, 2014

Despite hearkening back to past greats like Richard Pryor and Paul Mooney, comedy albums shouldn't be considered a thing of past. This week, Elle Clay, part-time culinary artisan and full-time funny gal, released her debut comedy album, 306 LIVE. Honing in on her quick wit and gift for superb shit-talking, Clay has already landed on stages at The Upright Citizen's Brigade and The People's Improv Theater. As a Southern transplant that's set roots in NYC, Clay reflects comically on this 41-minute set about the perils of growing up in the south, with an endearing tale of going head-to-head to with racism in kindergarten. Years later, puberty and adolescents finds the devout tomboy bemoaning her budding breasts. 306 LIVE, recorded DIY-style in her home studio, has cameos from salacious lady rapper Jungle Pussy and the multi-hypenate creative Vashtie Kola. Follow Clay on Twitter at @DrakePursedLips, for daily tidbits of her biting humor and stream the full mix tape below.

Stream: Elle Clay, 306 Live

Elle Clay Revives the Comedy Album in 306 LIVE