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DJ Mustard Drops “10 Summers,” Hopes the Season Never Ends

Today DJ Mustard officially releases his debut album “10 Summers.”

August 11, 2014

Today DJ Mustard releases his label debut 10 Summers via Google Play and it's confusing as fuck. We honestly can't figure out whether it's a download or stream or free or not. But, the album still won't disappoint those who've grown to love the producer during his dominant two year run. His most remarkable hit probably remains Tyga's "Rack City" from early 2012, but the producer's profile has risen with each new single. It's refreshing then, that 10 Summer isn't aiming for another radio hit--instead, it's full of West Coast staples and mainstream names like Lil Boosie, Big Sean and 2 Chainz all on their gangster shit. The sheer quantity of DJ Mustard's music might be reaching saturation, but 10 Summer shows he hasn't stopped improving if people are willing to listen for something new.

Download/Stream/Something: DJ Mustard, 10 Summers

DJ Mustard Drops “10 Summers,” Hopes the Season Never Ends