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Ratking Strips Down Phantogram’s “Fall in Love”

Listen to Ratking’s clean new take on Phantogram’s psych pop hit

August 12, 2014

Manhattan outfit Ratking has reworked Phantogram’s massively popular "Fall in Love,” or rather un-worked it, restoring a simplicity and urgency to the ornate pop song. The resulting track, dubbed “Falling Off,” is a good foil for Wiki's raw, linear lines about anxiety, making music, and growing up. The remix pares down the original track almost past recognition: Sarah Barthel's yearning vocals compact into a choral loop as the song is scrubbed of its fancy studio sheen. The remix might not be about falling hard, but I'm more smitten than ever.

Stream: Ratking, "Falling Off (Fall in Love Remix)"

Ratking Strips Down Phantogram’s “Fall in Love”