London Producer Al Dobson Jr. Issues Blunted Beat “Kirton Street”

The Rhythm Section International shares a minuscule soul edit and Ptaki remix from his Rye Versions EP.

August 13, 2014


London producer Al Dobson Jr. has issued only a precious few tracks since his November 2013 debut single on 22a, but he's already carving out a pretty unique corner in the realm of jazzy, subdued post-Dilla beat-making. His mini-LP Rye Lane Vol. 1 was an all-too-brief collage of soul samples, burbling bass-lines, and slowly clattering drum hits, and now he's set to follow up that January release with a new remix collection for Rhythm Section International called Rye Versions. On the B-side is "Kirton Street," a minuscule melange of chirping guitar samples and chopped soul vocals that cement a connection to the blunted producers of the annals of hip-hop. It doesn't even break the one minute mark, but the that's still enough space for Dobson to get your head bobbing. Listen below alongside the previously released Ptaki remix of A-side "Santiago Black."

Stream: Al Dobson Jr., "Kirton Street"

Stream: Al Dobson Jr., "Santiago Black (Ptaki Version)"

Posted: August 13, 2014
London Producer Al Dobson Jr. Issues Blunted Beat “Kirton Street”