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NYC-via-Melbourne Band Free Time Share New Single, “Esoteric Tizz”

Stream the sunny, energetic a-side of the quartet’s new Underwater Peoples single.

August 13, 2014


Next week, on August 19th, indie imprint Underwater Peoples will release a new 7-inch from Melbourne-bred and NYC-based four-piece Free Time. Its riffy a-side, "Esoteric Tizz," sounds equally influenced by Flying Nun minimalism and American psych, and like it was carefully produced with those touchstones in mind; it's the sort of half-stoned, tuneful take on rock n' roll music that the band's Brooklyn-based record label has traditionally been fond of releasing. The track was recorded by Woods co-founder and freak-folk guru Jarvis Taveniere, while the flip-side, "Guess Work," was recorded by Real Estate vocalist Martin Courtney. You can pre-order the single right now.

Stream: Free Time, "Esoteric Tizz"

NYC-via-Melbourne Band Free Time Share New Single, “Esoteric Tizz”