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Stream Raury’s Versatile Debut, Indigo Child

The much anticipated “Indigo Child” by Atlanta’s Raury is available for streaming and download.

August 25, 2014

Atlanta upstart artist Raury has seen his star shine brighter over the last few months. He's released a series of strong singles, and that email from Kanye West we told you about led to this photo, which led to people going crazy on KanyeToThe forums. Indigo Child is a sprawling debut project, bouncing between folk, blues, R&B, and even interludes feature paternal arguments about Raury's decision to follow music. But on tracks like "Superfly" and "Woodcrest Manor," the young songwriter brims with self-assuredness. Today, it was announced he and his LoveRenaissance crew signed to Columbia--talk about proving mom and dad wrong.

Posted: August 25, 2014
Stream Raury’s Versatile Debut, Indigo Child