In Other News: Eighty Years of Fergusons, Fighting Pokemon and Kate Bush

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August 26, 2014

Buzzfeed Traces 80 Years of Black Protests 

In a several-thousand word, thoroughly-researched feature, Buzzfeed's national editor Adam Serwer traces "80 Years of Fergusons." He writes about the tumultuous history of violent black protests, using recent events in Ferguson as a vivid close-up before zooming outward. "Much has been made of Ferguson’s angry young black men, tattooed, with their pants sagging and their faces covered in shirts and bandanas, the men who sometimes answered “Mike Brown” when asked their names," he writes. "But these men are nothing new. If anything, it’s likely more of them existed in the 1960s." Read the full story here.   

TELFAR's Video Lookbook is Too Good

Liberia-born designer of unisex sportswear TELFAR just released a new video lookook for his Autumn/Winter collection. It was helmed by "Power" director Babak Radboy and, just like the YouTube description says, it plays out as "something like rushes from an Old Navy commercial directed by David Lynch."

Tampa Band Merchandise Talk Living in a "Cultural Wasteland" on Dazed

The new Merchandise record, After the End, came out yesterday on 4AD and it's really gothy and good—probably one of the best rock records to come out this year. This feature about them on Dazed technically came out last week, but since we've been listening to the album a lot today it seemed like a good time to dive deeper. New York-based music writer Jenn Pelly is a massive fan of the group, and that comes across in her careful observations of their world. 

Tekken Creators Design a New Pokemon Arcade Game

Complex reports that the creators of Japanese fighting game Tekken have schemed up a similar game featuring Pokemon characters; the game-play footage looks significantly more raw than Pikachu cutely electrocuting Yoshi in Super Smash Bros. As of now, though, the Tekken-esque game will only be in arcades in Japan. 

And, Finally...

Aw: Kate Bush mega-fan Big Boi vibing to "Running Up That Hill." Full video clip over at Gawker

In Other News: Eighty Years of Fergusons, Fighting Pokemon and Kate Bush