Download Jillionaire’s Sell Off Mix

In honor of #SellOff Week at the FADER, the Trinidadian DJ made us an exclusive mix of soca bangers.

August 27, 2014

We first learned the West Indian slang "Carnival Tabanca" when FADER style editor Deidre Dyer fulfilled her birthright by celebrating Trinidad Carnival earlier this year. In her report on the unruly, life-changing experience, she explained Carnival Tabanca as the kind of "mild-depression" that happens afterward: "Though we had crazy memories, drunken days and the pictures to prove it, there was now a void where months of anticipation had once been," she writes. "I hear from Carnival veterans that the only cure is to start planning for next year." This is the exact bittersweet longing that inspired this sweat-soaked mix of soca bangers that Jillionaire assembled for us in honor of Sell Off, our week-long celebration of Caribbean culture on The FADER. The Trinidadian-born DJ and Major Lazer affiliate collected the sort of tracks—like a remix of Bunji Garlin's "Carnival Tabanca"—that will keep you in that Carnival state-of-mind, year round. Below, download the full mix and read a brief interview with Jillionaire. 

How does Caribbean culture shape your musical identity? I was born and raised in Trinidad and it's a big part of the culture there; carnival commands our attention for over six months out of the year. So growing up listening to soca music and going to panyards was a big influence for me.

What's your ultimate Labor Day parade jam? Machel Montano's "Bottle of Rum"

With all your globetrotting, what's the most far-flung place you've seen a Caribbean music scene grow and flourish? Probably New Zealand - shout out to my buddy Nick Dwyer for continuing to push the music forward.

What's coming up for you this fall? More touring, more singles, more fun times! Come dance with me.

What vibe were you going for on your mix? Carnival Tabanca: that feeling you get when you're sitting in the office and you start reminiscing on the good times you had in the parade Monday and Tuesday, heading down the street behind a big truck with no shirt on and a beer in your hand. Carnival 2015, here we come!


  1. Bunji Garlin - It's A Carnival
  2. Kerwyn du Bois - Too Real (JLava Edit)
  3. Machel Montano - Shameless
  4. Timaya ft Machel Montano - Shake Yuh Bum Bum (Carnival Remix)
  5. Flipo - Doh Tell Meh Dat (Major Lazer Remix)
  6. Bunji Garlin - Carnival Tabanca (Doc & Jes Viking Remix)
  7. Farmer Nappy - Big People Party (M. Marfan Remix)
  8. Fay-Ann Lyons - Catch Me (produced by Richie Beretta)
  9. Kerwyn du Bois - Press A Button
  10. Machel Montano - EPIC
  11. Machel Montano - Haunted
  12. Kes The Band - Bad Habits
  13. Bunji Garlin - Tun Up (GotSome Vocal Remix)

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Download Jillionaire’s Sell Off Mix